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More Traits

This mod adds more traits to the game. The traits are maxis match so they will blend into your game nicely.

How does this work?

Just like you would add any other CAS trait for your Sims. For reference, you can look at the photo and these are all the traits you would find in the game.

Traits and Descriptions

Serious: Sims with this trait can hardly get playful. They will usually have moods that lean more on the serious side, like focused and confident, and rarely energized or happy, and even more rare for them to be in a playful mood. Whimsical Sims annoy serious Sims.

Stoic: Sims with this trait will usually just be fine. Their mood will not really fluctuate as much. The fine emotion is usually overpowering. These Sims will also not really be sad or angry. Their angry or sad moods will have to be super powerful for your sims to go feel this way.

Peaceful: Sims with this trait don't like to fight with other Sims. Negative interactions with other Sims won't impact their relationship as much as it might when it happens to other Sims. If you have Parenthood they will develop the emotional control skill much faster. Their Wellness and Herbalism skill increases at a faster rate.

Daredevil: Daredevils love to be energized and are excited in the presence of danger. For example, if there is a fire at your house they will never freak out. They will usually even get a positive moodlet near the fire. These Sims build the fitness, rock-climbing, skiing, and snowboarding skill much faster.

Logical: This is not the same as the "genius" trait. They may be related but they aren't the same. You can be logical without being a genius. Sims with this trait just think before they act. They try to rationalize everything in life. Their mental skills do develop faster because they apply logic in real life which enables them to understand things at a faster rate.

Whimsical: Whimsical Sims love to see beyond life. They see beauty and greatness in a lot. They tend to daydream a lot and just live in another world. Sims with this trait will get the playful emotion easily and they will also be inspired easily. Because of their ability to open their minds up to so many possibilities they also are really good at writing and will develop the skill really fast. Whimsical Sims also enjoy and are good at other creative activities.

Shy: Sims with this trait struggle to build relationships with other Sims. Their relationship bar won't advance as quickly and you will need to try harder to build romantic or platonic relationships with them. They can also get stressed around Outgoing Sims because of how different they are social. Their social bar will still decay at the same rate. They may be shy but they do have the same social need as other Sims.

Grumpy: Grumpy Sims get angry really easily. They also don't get positive emotions easily. Sims don't really like interacting with them because of their personality. If Sims are around Grumpy Sims they will get a moodlet to be careful around them because of how easily they can get angry.

Sexist: Sexist Sims think they are superior to the opposite sex. They will have a hard building platonic or romantic relationships with them. They will also have a hard time building empathy and life skill if you have parenthood.

Generous: Sims with this trait love to give money away. They are happy to do it too. Even if they aren't rich and don't have a lot they will still enjoy sharing with you. They can give some money to every Sim ranging between $100-$1000 or a huge amount of money to Sims they have a higher relationship with ranging from $10,000 to $100,000

Sincere: Sincere Sims build strong relationships with others. There are honest and do not like to be around evil or mean sims. Evil and mean sims also hate being around Sims with this trait. They have a hard time increasing their mischief skill too. If they are in the criminal career they would start stressing out at a certain point.

Endurant: Endurant Sims needs deplete at a much slower rate. Their bladder, hunger, and energy will be able to last much longer. They are also really good at fitness.

Unforgiving: These Sims will have a hard time making up with sims once they have a bad relationship. If you get into an argument or fight with them the relationship bar will drastically reduce. If you have parenthood it will be hard for your sims to build the conflict resolution and the empathy skill.

Cowardly: Cowardly Sims are terrified of a lot of stuff. They will get scared so easily. If they see sims in a fight they will run away and get scared or tense. Sims with the cowardly trait will also freak out if they get in a fight. Even if they won the fight. Their fitness skill will develop at a much slower pace.

Cunning: Cunning Sims know how to talk to other Sims and are really good at convincing. They build relationships with others really fast. These sims will also be naturally good at Charismatic and the Acting Skills. They make really good politicians.

Hedonistic: Sims with this trait really enjoy the funner things in life. They live simply for pleasure. They want to have fun. A lot of it and do not think about the consequences that might follow. Their fun needs deplete really quickly and fill up relatively slowly. If you have parenthood their responsibility skill will be hard to increase.

Spoiled: Spoiled Sims are used to getting what they want to they aren't very gifted. They will easily get bored and angry. If they aren't socialized with enough or entertained their mood will plummet rather quickly. If you have parenthood their empathy, responsibility, and conflict resolution skill will be hard to increase.

Judgmental: Judgemental Sims have a hard time building relationships. They enjoy judging other sims and gossiping about them. If they are bored for a long time they will turn to other Sims to judge them about whatever. Parents with this trait don't really do well with the parenting skill. Their kids will also have a hard time building positive relationships with them.

Warm-Hearted: Sims with this trait are genuinely good Sims. being in a friendship or relationship with them is very wholesome. They only want what is best for people and relationships with them decay at a slower pace.

Heartless: Heartless Sims do not care about anything or anyone. Their mischief skill can increase really quickly. They are also really good in the criminal career path. These Sims will not cry or shed a single tear if they hear news of a Sim who passed away. Or a Sim who passed away in their presence. They might be a bit upset if their Best Friend dies, but even then it will be hard. If you have parenthood the empathy skill will basically never go up.

Pompous: There are Selfish Sims and Snob Sims, but Pompous Sims are very annoying. They simply do not care what others think about them because in their head they are just superior. They don't develop relationships with other Sims easily, but it doesn't bother them because they have themselves. Their acting skill will go up faster. If you have parenthood empathy and conflict resolution skill will decay fast and hardly increase.

What else do I need for the mod?


Does this mod require any DLC?

The mod is BGC. The traits do tap into each pack so having them will create a more full experience. Not required though.

Questions and concerns you might have?

Will you add more to this?

More traits. But for now, I don't have any ideas. In another post, I mentioned that I will be fulfilling the requests

I'm experiencing some weird bugs!

Let me know, please.

Report it here: Mod Bug Report

I have different questions about the mod.

Honestly, I don't blame you. I might not have explained everything too well, so if you have questions about something, let me know.

How to install the mod?

Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods <--- Unzip the file and make sure it's placed in this path.

What's next for the mod?

Read the section above for more info about that.

Public Jan 17

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1 Comment

Jan 28, 2023

LOVE this mod! Thank you <3 Will there be translations in the future? If you need translators, I'd be happy to help with a German translation :)

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