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  • What is your "Make a useful mod" course?
    I mention it in the course; but the course is for beginners but you should have a bit of knowledge to do this. You can do it as a completely new beginners but make sure the resources that I have linked are fully understood.
  • What does the badge reward at the end mean?
    The badge doesn't actually hold any value. It's just symbolic. I plan on creating more courses so the badges will eventually add up. Hopefully one day it can mean something.
  • I am stuck at a certain point in the course! What do I do?
    If you are stuck and you are confused about something just message me! You can dm me on twitter. If you are patreon you can message me there. You can also use the contact option here to contact me!
  • Should I upload my completed mod here?
    Of course! Share your mod with others so they can study it and see changes. Upload it in a zip file because the package file format is not accepted. Also be sure you do not upload anything, offensive, rude or malicious because it will be deleted and you will be banned.
  • What is this website?
    This website is a blog. It run by one person me. I make mods, but I also love this Sims so I decided that I could make a blog/website where I could share my passion for the game while also sharing my mods.
  • Where can I download your mods?
    For now you can download my mods from patreon, this 100% free, but patreon is a good platform to manage things such as mods and files. There is a file manager here so I might transfer them to this website but for now you can get them on patreon.
  • Can I give a mod request!
    Yeah sure. I won't guarantee that I will make it but if you choose the contact option and request a mod I will get back to you.

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