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Actor Overhaul Mod

The Actor Overhaul Mod adds some new features to acting in Get Famous. I was super excited about the fact that there was going to be an acting career in the sims, but the career felt a little shallow after replaying it more than once. There wasn't much depth to it and I wanted to add some features that could make it more fun.

What is this mod?

Here are the new additions I have added with the mod.

Actor Dashboard

I have created a dashboard, for actors and aspiring actors. This dashboard will only be available if you have the acting skill. The first option you can choose is Browse Acting Roles. It didn't make sense to me that you could only be an actor, or have gigs if you chose the career. So with this new menu, you can browse through different roles and sometimes make money. Some jobs can also increase your fame and reputation. Other jobs will decrease them.

So with this new menu, you can browse through different roles and sometimes make money. Some jobs can also increase your fame and reputation. Other jobs will decrease them.

The next option is to sign up for the Ward School of Arts Acting Department. This will be in a separate section. Down below.

You can also take Local Acting Classes. This option was made for sims who may already have jobs and do not have a lot of time to focus on acting, but they still do what to increase their acting skill. The local acting classes are evening classes and you need to pay the $100 fee to attend each time.

Preparing Headshot, Acting Resume, and Demo Reel will increase your reputation and give you a boosting career-wise.

One is more expensive than the other. So naturally the result you get from the more expensive one will be better. Once you gather all of those materials you will be able to submit to auditions and casting calls. This will give you more exposure.

Finally, you can now hire an agent. The agent is useful for a lot of things. (If you want to join the EA acting career you will still have to select an agency. I was unable to separate the two.) When you click on the "Find an Agent" option and submit your info, an agent will contact you maybe 24 hours later or more. If you aren't interested in them, simply do not pick up. But if you are press "Ok" on the call. And you will have the option to "Schedule Meeting With Agent" in the 'MB Menu' category.

The agent will come where your sim is located (doesn't have to be at home). These are the interactions you can have with them.

If you want to hire an agent. You can press hire on agent and they will now represent your sim. Keep in mind if you aren't satisfied with their work you can always fire them. There are a few things your agent can do for your sim.

The phone menu will have an agent option once you hire one. But there are also social interactions that are available with your agent. The "Find Me a Gig" will sometimes give you a gig. But the gigs are from the Get Famous pack. So if you aren't in the Acting Career the game will automatically put you in the career. Sometimes you may also not get a gig. The chances increase with your fame, skill, and rep. You can ask your agent to renegotiate existing contracts and give you better contracts in the future and if it works your sim may get paid more for gigs.

Now circling back to the Acting Student Career:

Your Sim can now join an Acting Student Career. I'd say it's a semi-active career. They do go to the rabbit hole for class, but there are interactions outside of that which make it more interactive.

First of all the first thing you have to do is to go to the 'Actor Dashboard', and press on the 'Sign up Option'.

You can press on get info, this will give your sim more information about how to join the school. Once you are ready you can click on 'Audition'. A Ward Student Recruiter will show up. Once they show you MUST choose the 'Start Auditions' option. Don't press on anything else.

This will start an event and there are goals your sim will have to go through. One of the goals, 'Sword Fight'. will require this object.

You can find it in BB. If you cannot find it, just look it up in the search bar. Finally, after you complete all of the goals you can cancel the event or wait it out. Once the event is over you will know whether or not your sim is accepted.

If your sim is admitted with a scholarship you can find the job, in the 'Find Job' section. If you are not then try again. But if you have just been admitted you will need to pay the fee first and then you can join.

Once you join the career, each level has a different objective you need to do in order to move on to the next one. In total there are eight levels.

Here are the objectives for each level

- Level 2: Perform in School Production

- Level 3: Submit Paper on the History of theater

- Level 4: Plan and Produce a Production

- Level 5: Volunteer to perform for a charity

- Level 6: Book an acting gig

- Level 7: Get your demo reel, headshot and resume.

- Level 8: Find an Agent.

- All Levels: Pass Term Exam: This is a requirement for all levels. I recommend you do this last for each one of the levels. ESPECIALLY the last one.

The first activity your sim will have to do is to perform in a school production. The way this happens is your sim will audition for a role first, and depending on how skilled they are they will be assigned a role. When your sim gets a role assigned to them they should go to practice for a while before performing in the production. If they don't practice or don't practice enough they will most likely not do well in production.

The next step which is "Submit Paper on the History of Theater" will use the computer. In the 'Write' pie menu or your computer will be available. The options that are available for your sim will increase the score they may receive, but it isn't a requirement. You can also interview a celebrity and/or actor for

this assignment. It isn't a requirement. Completing this step will give you more points, but it can be hard to complete because if you don't know celebrities it's hard to do this. So doing this will truly impress the professors! Once you are ready submit the paper and then you will be able to view your score once they are released.

Plan and Produce a Production is an objective for Level 4 sims. There are a few things your sim must do to complete this objective. First of all, they have to choose a theme for their production. Then once are ready you can Start the Audition Process.

If you are familiar with my other events mod you may be familiar with the 'Hire this Role'. So for this, you will need to invite people or "hire" them to cast roles for the production. Once the event starts your sim will have a few options.

This is an activity and not a timed event so you can take your time to interview sims, and hire them. For the 'Auditioners' you will be able to see them Audition. All you have to do is press on the 'Audition' interaction and then they will start acting. (If you press on the interaction and it doesn't work, click again and it should work)

When you have completed all the required activities you can cancel the event. The game will tell you the event was unsuccessful you can ignore this.

Volunteering to perform for a charity is pretty simple. There is a list of charities your sim will be able to go to. They are each available at different times and days, just select one, go to your performance and the goal will be complete.

The next objectives are objectives we have already gone over. But for Book and Acting there are gigs exclusive to Ward Acting Students.

On the last level, once you Find an Agent, you should then go to your term exam. Passing the exam will make remove your sim from the institution. Being a graduate of this school will increase your rep and fame.

Other Fixes

Aside from the new features I have also made some changes to some already existing features that I found annoying in the game. This file is optional and you will be able to delete it if you do not want it. I have changed the gig payout in the acting career. This way your sim will receive more money when they are higher up in the career. Fame will also decay at a slower rate. This way your sim doesn't constantly have to perform fame activities.

This really took a long time to make but I hope you enjoy it!

What else do I need for the mod?

Lumpinou's Mood Pack: Here

Maplebell Pie Menu: Download Below

Does this mod require any DLC?

Get Famous

Questions and concerns you might have?

Some of this is so inaccurate and doesn't reflect real life.

I tried to do as much research as possible about acting and info about how to get started with it. Some stuff may not mirror real life and that may or may not be intentional.

Will you add more to this?


I'm experiencing some weird bugs!

Let me know, please.

Report it here: Mod Bug Report

I have different questions about the mod.

If you have questions about something, let me know.

How to install the mod?

Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods <--- Unzip the file and make sure it's placed in this path.

Delete the "maplebell_actingoverhaulfixes(optional).package" if you don't want it.

Public March 26



Sheila Lobert
Sheila Lobert
Nov 19, 2023

I really, really want to use and love this mod, but the error that I reported quite some time ago on your error report form (and have helped several other simmers find the source of) where "go to relationship building activity" shows up under random whims/wants not from this mod really is, for some reason, very hard for me to ignore (maybe because I wonder if there is something more potentially game-damaging going on behind the scenes). I have seen you post about some updates for LEs, but I have not seen anything about this issue being addressed. Is it something that has been fixed? That you are looking into? Or is it not a priority for you at this…


the actor dashboard broke when I used it


Mar 14, 2023

will it be released to the public?

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