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Senior Trip Mod

What is this mod?

This mod is a little addition to the teenage life stage. It's a rabbit hole senior trip mod. With this mod, your teen sims will be able to go on a senior trip and even vote on a location.

On your phone, if you open the "travel category" option, you will find the Senior Trip option. There are two interactions there. One is the Senior Trip option; the other is to vote on a location.

There are two options you can choose from in this mod. Real Names or Fictional Names.

Fictional Names👇

Real Names👇

The first thing your sim will want is to vote on a location. If you open the Senior Trip option without completing the vote on a location part it will be empty.

Once your sim votes on a location they will be notified a few hours later once the whole class has "voted". A location will be set for your senior trip and you will be able to go.

Your sim will need to pay for the all-expense paid trip and then they will come back with a moodlet. I didn't want to restrict the number of times your teens could go on a senior trip although realistically it should only be once, but if you want to do it again you can.

Your teen sims will be gone for two days.

These are senior trip location prices:

Asos/Chile - $1350 Simoleons

Ereboria/BigHorn Forest - $350 Simoleons

Swe Che/New York - $840 Simoleons

Tibisia/China - $2300 Simoleons

Trento/Torronto - $850 Simoleons

Turksca/Egypt - $1250 Simoleons

Valilet/Paris - $1700 Simoleons

Westacia/Rome - $1080 Simoleons

*Btw these names were randomly generated.

Known Bugs

I have not come across any bugs. But please do report any you may encounter.

This mod is BG Compatible.

Future Plans and Updates

I will most definitely be expanding this mod way more. You can expect feature updates at some point and more depth!

How to install the mod?

Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods <--- Download the package file and make sure it's placed in this path. Choose One File Between, Real Names and Fictional Names.


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