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Teen Stories and Activities

I have finally completed this mod. I have been working on it for a few months now. I basically finished it a month ago, but then I was traveling and I had then there was the big update, so it took me a while to basically just tie up loose ends.

What is this mod?

I love focusing on my teenage sims, but sometimes I know the game can't do things that I would like them to do. So I created 15+ rabbit hole activities they can go to. But it's different because I have added a system where you can/have to ask for permission to go out and if you don't you get in trouble. For the activities, there are also some requirements, like you, need to ask a friend to hang out with you or ask someone about upcoming parties in order to attend.

In order to unlock the parent interactions, you need to left-shift click on your sim. There are three options, Permissive Parent, Uninvolved Parent, and Strict Parent. Each one of these traits has different outcomes when you interact with your sim. I didn't lock the interactions to what the game considers a parent because there might be special cases.

If you ask the sim with one of the parent traits to go out and they say yes, your sim will go out and come back and the options to confront your child for going out will not appear. If the teenage sim leaves without permission dialogue options will open up for you to confront the teenager for sneaking out.

If you want don't want the social interactions to appear for a teen who went out without permission you can select the option Has Uninvolved Parent, by left-shit clicking on the teenage sim.

There are also social interactions available among the teens themselves.

If you try to organize a sleepover, hang out at the house, or join activities they may say no, but they will most likely say yes if you have a high enough friendship score.

Depending on the traits you have assigned the parents they also have a chance of agreeing to you going out. For example, the Permissive Parent will usually let you go out. They might say no though if you have bad grades in school. The Strict Parent will usually say no, but if you are an excellent child on some rare occasions they might say yes. But, they will most likely always say no to you going out to a party. The Uninvolved Parent will usually always say yes.

One parent can have a strict trait and the other one can have a permissive trait and depending on who your sim asks for permission they will most likely get a different response, so you can feel free to add different traits to the respective parents.

You can preview the mod here:

Thanks a lot!

Does this mod require any DLC?

No, it does not. I realize that I could have used HSY and Parenthood features in this mod to create some cool stuff, but for now, I really wanted to focus on making it BG Compatible

So yes. The mod is BGC.

What else do I need for the mod?

For this mod, I heavily used Lumpinou's Mood Pack Mod, so it is required for the mod to work properly.

You can get her mod here.

If you already have it great! But make sure it's up to date.

I also added so buff from Basemental. You have to be over 18 to use this mod. If you already have the mod you might see some moodlets that come from the mod, but other than that it is not a requirement.

Questions and concerns you might have?

Do I have to use the has ______ parent trait?

No, you don't have to, but if you have an uninvolved parent and you don't want the option to yell at your sim for sneaking out without permission to appear, then yes you should use it. I also created this feature to be able to expand on this mod later. So it will be used for more things later.

Where can I find the options to go to the activities?

On your sim phone, you should go to entertainment, you will find it there. Only available for teens.

How come I press on multiple sims for _____ activity and nothing happens?

This might be because you don't have what you "need" to go to the activity. If you press on your sim individually you will see the greyed-out option. This option does not appear when you select multiple sims. This is just something that happens in-game. It's very annoying and I didn't find a way to work around it.

I'm experiencing some weird bugs!

Let me know, please. I dealt with a lot of files when creating this mod, so something might not work the way I wanted it to work so please let me know about that so I can fix it.

I have different questions about the mod.

Honestly, I don't blame you. I might not have explained everything too well, so if you have questions about something let me know.

How to install the mod?

Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods <--- Unzip the file and make sure it's placed in this path.

What's next for the mod?

I'd like to add more social interactions for parent-child interactions and teen-teen interactions.

Public Release:

September 4th (In 2 Weeks).



Leni Simmank
Leni Simmank
a day ago

where can I find and download the German translation?


Aurea gabi
Aurea gabi
Aug 23, 2023

Hi!!! I realy like your mod, I´m new playing sims 4 but when I saw your mod I thought it looked really cool and wanted to try it out, but I can´t find the activities in the phone, my sim is a teen and i know the mod is installed because i have the option to ask about parties and all that stuff, but when i do the game says i have the info, but I don't know how to go to the party, my sim is the only sim I have in the household, don´t know if it has to have a parent for the mod to work, I´m going to try and add it but I would really…


Mar 27, 2023

There is a portuguese translation for this mod?


Feb 27, 2023

hey , thank u for this mod! i really enjoy playing the sims becuz of it , but sadly i don't have the entertainment category so my teen can't do any activities , what should i do to fix it please? 😞


Como traduzir o mod.?

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