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More Kisses Mod #2

This is the second pack of the more kisses mod! This pack was made in collaboration with Utoypa CC created these amazing animations. Many many thanks because they are *chefs kiss! 🥳 For anyone who is interested in using the animations for a machination or for screenshots or anything else you would do with pose packs, you can get it from their page and download the pose packs from there. Please do check out their work because their CC and Animation Work is awesome!

Here is the link to the pose pack :

This pack has three new animations.

Admire and Kiss 👇

Grab and Kiss 👇

Forehead Kiss 👇

Known Bugs

The only thing I have noticed so far is if you want to run this animation, try to run it alone without anything else in the queue, that is how it will work best. I would appreciate reports on any bugs that may arise. Credits

Thank you to the pancake1 for their s4animtools this was so life-changing when it came to making animations available in-game! Requirments?

BG Compatible

Future Plans and Updates For now, you need the Mod Kisses #1 Mod for this pack to work. Re-Download it if you want to dl this pack. But I'm working on making them independent of one another. I want to release many packs where you will be able to mix and match depending on which ones you want in your game. So I will be making a base for more kisses and as I release more packs you will be able to choose whichever ones you would like. But I will also make an all-in-one pack. I wanted to include another animation, but unfortunately, I'm struggling to get the animation to play out properly in-game. There are a ton of bugs with it. But once I fix it I will release it as a part of this pack. The next animations I want to include are two other kissing animations and one cry/comfort animation. For example when a sim dies or if an unfortunate event happens in your sim life there isn't a satisfying comfort animation for that. So that will be next.

How to install the mod? Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods <--- Place the package file here.


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