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Religions From The Sims Medieval

Peteran, Jacoban? And also agnostic! All of these were part of the religions in The Sims Medieval that I have added to the Sims 4. There are new interactions and others that will be recognized

I love realistic gameplay and obviously, religions are a part of that. But religions can be a sensitive topic and I did not want to offend anyone or do something disrespectful. I decided that I would just convert the religions from TSM into the TS4.

The mod isn't too complicated, It's pretty straightforward, there are two religions to pick from, and like in TSM there is being agnostic.

In the TSM there are the Peterans and the Jacobans. You can choose between these religions or you can choose to be agnostic.

How can you choose a religion?

Click on a sim, go to the actions menu and press on set a religion. There are three options Agnostic, Peteran and Jacoban.

What can you do with religions?

I tried to copy the religions from exactly (which I didn't do) TSM, but aside from being a priest, there are not many options and interactions available. When you press on religions in the actions you have the option to go a few rabbit holes.

I also included another option where you can invite a priest over. Now the way this can work is you, use testingcheats, left-click on an NPC of your choice and then there is an option to set faith priest. You can set a priest as Jacoban or Peteran. If you don't do this and call the priest over the game will randomize the priest for you and you will not be able to unlock interactions with the priest.

If you have a religious sim or an agnostic sim, you can call a priest over using the phone. If you call the priest over there are interactions you can do with the priest.

Last but not least you can purchase and read the religious book from your religion. You can buy the book from your bookshelf, in the non-fiction section.

That's about it for the mod, it's pretty straightforward. You select a religion and get some interactions with it.

Are there any conflicts?

I have created my own XML files, so no there should be no conflicts.

Will you update this mod to add any new features?

I might be depending on if people want it. I just kind of needed a simple mod for my gameplay style, and this was satisfactory enough, I usually heavily rely on my imagination when it comes to playing in TS4. I thought other people might enjoy this mod too so I am uploading it! So if anybody wants any other features you can request them, but so far I am satisfied with the simplicity.

Of course, if there are bugs, or if it breaks from an update I will update.

But yeah! I am open to suggestions and adding changes if you want it!


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