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Nursing Home Mod

Get ready for new gameplay for the elder life stage. Now your Sims can make the tough decisions when it comes to their elder. Say goodbye to the days of worrying about your elders' well-being, because nursing homes are now a viable option for their care.

This mod will need to tap into your sims imagination because I didn't want to make it too invasive. So when you believe your elders need specialized support, it's time to explore the world of nursing homes. This mod lets you dive into a variety of options, each with its own unique vibe, price, and perks. Whether you're looking for a swanky senior living community or a cozy, nurturing atmosphere, three options will be available. You can start by taking a look at the different nursing home options.

There are a few ways to go about sending you elder away to the nursing home. First of all, you can fill out an interest form and you will receive a call from a representative.

There are three nursing homes to choose from:

Green Tea Home Care - $1,250 simoleons a week

Du Pondersoa - $4,000 simoleonsa week

Desert Palms - $10,000 simoleons a week

Nursing Home Order

If you decide a nursing home would be the best option for your elder sim the next steps would be to, get an order from the physician. You can do this by scheduling a meeting with the physician. Once your sim is at the meeting they will be able to choose from a wide list of symptoms the elder may have. Now this is where you will use your imagination and pick the option that would fit best with your game.

Your sim may also really want to send the elder to a nursing home, for reasons that may or may not be malicious. They have the option to bribe the physician for pretty large sum of money. This could make the physician lean more toward giving your sim the nursing home order.

After your sim gets back they will receive a call letting them know that the results are ready. They will be able to consult the results and see whether or not the nursing home order has been issued.

If the nursing home order hasn't been issued, but this was not the outcome you wanted you should read the section below. But, if the nursing home order has been issued you can move on to the next step. (Keep in mind these steps are not dependent on one another. You can do them in any order you would like.)


Finances are an important part of figuring out how your sim will pay for the nursing home. There are three options to choose from:

Medicare: You will qualify for Medicare if your household funds are under 30,000 simoleons

VA Benefits: If your sim was a veteran they will be applied to apply for this (There aren't any actual conditions for it because this would make strangerville a requirement for the mod and elders who you created and have no history wouldn't qualify even if you imagined this history for them.)

Self Pay/Private Pay: Self Explanatory


Finally, you will need to get permission from the elders themselves because you cannot just force them into a nursing home against their will... unless they aren't able to make that decision anymore based on their mental health. In that case, you would need documentation from the health care provider letting the nursing home know that the elder is unable to make these decisions on their own and will need assistance.

But if you don't have this document you will need to ask for permission. You will get different responses from doing this. Ranging from positive to negative.

After you've completed all of the necessary steps you can submit your application and will soon receive a response from the nursing home.

After you, the nursing home will call your sim and let them know about the outcome. Then your sim will finally be able to send the elder to the nursing home. When you send them away make you are ready because the first payment is deducted immediately after they are admitted.

After that you will automatically pay every week, based on your financing and nursing home option the payments will differ.

Your sims can visit the elder during specific visiting hours and they may all feel different about seeing their loved one in a nursing home.

If your sim does change their mind about the nursing home they can withdraw the elder. They will return home. This would be useful in cases where your sim cannot pay anymore, want to explore the other options, or just misses them.

Does this mod require any DLC?

No, it does not.

What else do I need for the mod?

Lumpinou's Mood Pack Mod, so it is required for the mod to work properly.

You can get her mod here.

If you already have it great! But make sure it's up to date.

Questions and concerns you might have?

I didn't get the nursing home order

If you didn't get a nursing home order, you can wait 24 hours for the results to reset, and then try again you may get a nursing home order.

The elder keeps refusing the nursing home request

You have to wait a few hours before the interaction shows up again. But another household member can also ask and maybe the elder will be more willing to listen to them.

I don't want to ask for permission

If you don't want to ask for permission then make sure you select, the "memory loss or confusion" option when the doctor asks you for symptoms.

I'm being charged twice

Make sure you only select ONE payment option. If you choose something you regret you can withdraw the elder from the nursing home. Another option is if you have mc command center you can use cheats to remove the buff where you chose the financing option.

Some of this information is inaccurate

I was trying to be somewhat close to how it goes in real life, I did a lot of research about this and made the decisions I thought would suit the game best. I still may have gotten some stuff wrong and I apologize if I did.

I'm experiencing some weird bugs!

Let me know, please.

Report it here: Mod Bug Report

Public: 18/06/23


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