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Love Triangle Mod

So excited to share the mod i've been working on! Here is the Love Triangle Mod.

Mapping this concept out was a bit difficult because I didn't wasn't sure how I was gonna go about creating the base structure. But I think it turned out fine in the end.

Here is everything you need to know:

Requirements for Love Triangle to appear

  • Romance Track with TWO Sims

  • Minimum 30+ Romance Score each

Once these options open up you will have the option to "Reveal Divided Heart". This would be underneath the Love Triangle pie menu (which is under the romance pie menu).

Once you choose to reveal divided heart, your sim will then be able to use the contextual love triangle interactions.

Note: Just because your Sim has revealed that they are in a love triangle, it doesn't mean that being romantic around either Sim won't result in jealousy. They can still experience jealousy; they are just aware that the Sim has feelings for them and another.

There a few interactions available for both the center and the two love interest.

Most of the interactions are pretty straight forward but that there are few that I will explain more.

The love interest also has quite a few interactions available to them.

Being in a Love Triangle isn't something most people enjoy. So the LI's (Love Interests) do have a few interactions of their own.

Demand Explanation: The center has the option to sneak around (preferably with one of the love interests) and when they do the LI can "Demand Explanation" as to why they were sneaking around in the first place. This can really upset the Love Interest. You have 24 hours to confront the sim after they were sneaking around before the option disappears.

Ultimatum: The LI can also give the center an ultimatum. The options you can use after using the ultimatum interaction could be, "Open Relationship, End Relationship or Make Choice". But you do not have to. I wanted to make this as flexible as possible.

Both love interests have these options available to them.

The only way to end the love triangle are the interactions I told you about above. If you want to go through the open relationship path, the love triangle will end. Both the center and LI can propose an open relationship.

Since there are already lots of great open relationship mods, I didn't expand on that part because there are so many other ones that would be more fleshed out.

Your sim can also talk to someone they are close to about their predicament. The friendly love triangle option is available under the "Gossip/Other Sims" menu.

You also need to have a 80+ friendship level to have these interactions open up.

I talked about "Sneak Around" earlier. The option is available under the active sim (center's) "Love Triangle" pie menu.

Explore Feelings and Reflect on Feelings are solo interactions. This basically involves your Sim think about how they feel. Depending on how high or low the relationship bar is with either sim you will can get a hint on how your sim is feeling about each Sim.

Finally there is the "Final Choice" . Once your Sim is ready to choose the SimPicker will popup. Be SURE to press on the Sim you are in Love Triangle with. Or else the game wont properly recognize that the Love Triangle is over.

Credit for the pose: Here

Does this mod require any DLC?

No, it does not.

What else do I need for the mod?

Lumpinou's Mood Pack Mod, so it is required for the mod to work properly.

You can get her mod here.

If you already have it great! But make sure it's up to date. Otherwise, it will break the UI

Public April 24th


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