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Mean (No-Impact) Social Interactions

Mean (No-Impact) Social Interactions

Well, here is the mod that was supposed to be "quick"... 😯

But the sentiments really slowed me down here! Anyways here it is and I hope you will enjoy it.

The mod is quite simple. There is a new pie menu in the game. This pie menu will have the same mean interactions as the mean pie menu. Except there's no rel-loss when you perform the negative interaction.

You can now shout forbidden words at your sister without them taking it to heart! How wonderful.

Some social interactions come with buffs, others nothing, and some with sentiments.

Here are some of the sentiments you could get.

These sentiments are short-term, so they will not last too long.


Parenthood is required. I plan on making a bgc version, but for now, it is required. You should micromanage this mod when you are using it. The game's autonomy system will sometimes make your sim perform mean interactions, so be careful.

I used Lumpinou's awesome mood pack mod and you can get it: here

I am very excited to use this mod, and I hope you guys will be too!


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