Find an Internship

This mod was supposed to be much smaller than what it is now, so I apologize for the delay. I had a project that I had to work on, which took most of my time.

This mod will introduce internships into your game. The system Your sims can now find internships, apply there and work there for a certain amount of time. I felt like this was an important aspect of professional development, especially for your sims who have just graduated high school or university or are in the middle of college and would like some work experience.

I have a save where I didn't know what to do with my YA's who just graduated from college, and now I am glad I can find them up with an internship!

You can start finding internships by contacting the internship placement agency. You will find the menu on your phone in the work category. By clicking on "Go to Internship Agency," you be asked if you want to be a client.

By saying yes, you can the documents you will be asked to submit a few things. Once that is done you will be contacted by an agent. The agent will walk you through the next step.

Now the system I built for this internship mod is that you may want to be offered a job later after you are done with the internship or whatever other thing you are doing.

So the available internships are directly related to the in-game job. From all of the packs. Once you receive the call from your agent about a tailored list of internships being ready for you. You can pick one from the list.

Now this list is tailored to your sim in terms of skills or traits. If your sim has certain skills or traits that match a certain internship job, then they will be given the option to choose the internship.

For example, a sim with high mischief skills will be offered a criminal job internship or if they have evil or mean traits. A sim who is a genius might have the option to join a data scientist internship, but they won't get the medical internship option.