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100 Social Interactions Mod

I have added about 100 social interactions in the game.

👆Here are all the possible interactions that will show up in the game.

The social interactions are more or so targeted toward close friends, parents, siblings, best friends, and grandparents. If you launch the game now and press on the "socials" pie menu, you will most likely not see a lot of interactions. This is because there are conditions required for them to show.

Since there are so many interactions it would be a really long description but there are general conditions for certain interactions to show.

- A lot of the interactions generally require a high friendship score, 80 or higher.

- Some of the interactions that have negative mood connotations will only be unlocked if your sim is in a negative mood. ie. Get out of my room, will work on teen sims who will yell at their parents when they are, sad, stressed, angry, uncomfortable or embarrassed.

- Some of these interactions also require a few steps to unlock. For example, "Yell at partner for showing private photos/messages" will only be unlocked if your partner did this. Tell on a sibling for being high or watching woohoo videos will only work if your sibling confessed to watching woohoo videos or talks about being high.

- Confessing your love for your best friend will only show if you guys have a high relationship score and if you are in a flirty or confident mood. But warning this might not always have a positive outcome.

- If you are sad and your relationship with your partner is currently low you can talk about your plans to breakup with them with sims you are close with.

- If you are in a relationship you can ask your family if they approve of the relationship.

Examples of some of the interaction outcomes 👇

I have tested all of the interactions one by one and I have not had any conflicts, so I want you guys to explore this and have fun with certain outcomes, etc.

Optional Downloads

- Wicked Whims (If you want the confess to watching woohoo video videos option)

- Basemental (Talk about being drunk or high interactions)


- More Kisses Pack #1 and #2.

This mod is BGC

How to install the mod?

Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods <---Unzip and Place the folder here

Public Nov 25


2 comentários

25 de dez. de 2022

Hi!! Thanks so much for your mod, it adds so much content to the game! 😊 I made a french translation which is included in your package file, here's the link:

Maple Bell
Maple Bell
29 de dez. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thanks this is amazing! I will include it in the package file! Do you have anywhere I can link for credit :)

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