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Mod Commisions

Do you want a custom mod made just for you? If you want to commission a mod, you can contact me. They will exclusively be yours and you can distribute them however you'd like.

Commissions: Open

TS4-ICON-BG (171).png

Traits $5

5 CAS Custom Traits

TS4-ICON-BG (29).png

1-2 Custom Custom Careers. Depending on the complexity 

TS4-ICON-BG (10).png

Phone/Computer interaction $20

2 phone and/or computer interaction. (Rabbit Hole Outcome or something else)

Careers $10 

TS4-ICON-BG (138).png

Social Interactions $15

3 Social Interactions with buffs and/or notifications

TS4-ICON-BG (30).png

Custom Mod Request?

Contact me for a custom mod request that wasn't mentioned here.

Mod Commissions Instructions 

If you want to commission a mod, please contact me about it first

Make sure you already know what you want. I already create my own mods on Patreon for my so I cannot spend too much time with mod commissions. This is for people who really want something but cannot find it anywhere

More complex mods might not be accepted because, I will not be able to offer mod support if it is. So make you are clear

You will need to give me a detailed description of what you want. 

If I do accept the request you should also be ready to pay. I cannot spend time making a mod and then you change your mind

Make sure commissions are open

Commision a custom mod here
Choose your commision request
How soon do you want the mod
How complex is this mod?
Not at allNot reallyMostlyA bitVery

Thank you! I will contact you by email about your commission request, check your email!

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