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Standardized Tests for Teens

What is this mod?

The Standardized Test Mod opens up a lot of new interactions for your teens to delve more into their academics. Prepare your Sims for success as they gear up to take various tests, and measure their proficiency.


Sign up for Exam

The SAK exam is exclusively for teenagers and aims to mirror a slice of high schoolers' lives. Standardized Exams are a significant aspect of student life, and I wanted to incorporate a bit of that into the game. Sims has various steps to get ready for the exam, but there are certain registration periods to follow. Additionally, students can acquire a SAK late registration ticket, albeit at a higher cost.

Regular Registration - from Sunday to Tuesday $150

Late Registration - Wednesday to Friday $190

(Exams are on Saturday)

Meet With Guidance Counsellor

If your Sims face financial difficulties and can't afford a ticket, they can meet the guidance counselor to see if they're eligible for a fee waiver. If eligible, they can sign up using the regular option at no additional cost. However, if they're buying a late ticket, they'll have to pay the late fee.

Buy Test Prep

Your Sim also has the option to purchase test prep books, which significantly aid in achieving higher scores. However, they're quite expensive. If your Sim has the means, it's highly recommended to invest in these prep books. They're a great way to enhance your score.

Use Free Online Tools

If your sim cannot afford to pay for the books it's okay! They can also use the free online tools at their disposal. The free online tools though are less useful in helping your sim achieve a really high score. They still can, but you really need to invest your time in them.

Hire Tutor

Your Sim can also hire a tutor, but it will come at a cost with varying fees. Tutors can provide valuable advice and guide your Sim through the studying process. They can either come over or meet at a designated location (rabbit hole). You can also hire as many tutors as you would like.


When your Sims are ready for the exam, they can attend on a Saturday at 7 a.m. Make sure they're on time as the doors close at 8 a.m. The exam will last for 6 hours, and Sims will be dismissed afterward. Results will be released 24 hours later. Sims who get a really high score are usually admitted into university faster!

Scoring Structure

The exam is scored out of 300 points, and Sims can improve their score by enhancing their logic and writing skills. Besides that, they should practice as much as possible. The more they practice and utilize the available tools, the higher their score will be.

You need:

BG Compatible

How to install the mod?

Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods <--- Place the package here

Public Nov 18

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1 Comment

Dec 16, 2023

tytyty!! u are an angel and a genius keep doing what ur doing!

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