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New Traits Pack (More Traits)

I have more new traits to add to your game. I hope you like them!

How does this work?

Just like you would add any other CAS trait for your Sims. For reference, you can look at the photo; these are all the traits you would find in the game. These are compatible with all of my other previous traits.

Spiritual These Sims would have a strong connection to their spirituality or religion. They would enjoy meditation, prayer, and attending religious services.

Philosopher These Sims would enjoy contemplating the meaning of life and pondering big questions. They would enjoy deep conversations and reading philosophy books.

Street Smart These Sims would have a savvy and practical knowledge of the world. They would be able to hustle and negotiate effectively to get what they want.

Time-sensitive These Sims are acutely aware of time and may become anxious if they feel they are running out of time to complete a task. They may also be able to complete tasks faster than other Sims.

Spiritual Healer These Sims have a talent for healing others through spiritual means, such as prayer or meditation. They may have a natural ability to calm others down or heal them emotionally.

Minimalist These Sims prefer to live with only the essentials and have a talent for decluttering and organizing. They may prefer small living spaces and enjoy living a simple, streamlined lifestyle.

Fashionista These Sims have a keen sense of fashion and enjoy experimenting with different styles and looks. They may be interested in fashion design or modeling.

Animal whisperer These Sims have a natural ability to communicate with animals and may be able to train them easily. They may also have a special connection with wild animals.

Health Nut Sims with this trait are dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They exercise regularly, eat well, and avoid unhealthy habits.

Chatty Sims with this trait love to talk and are always looking for someone to chat with. They have a natural charisma that makes it easy for them to make friends.

Jaded Sims with this trait have become disillusioned with life and society. They have a cynical outlook and are quick to see the flaws in others and their surroundings.

Unconventional Sims with this trait don't conform to societal norms and often challenge traditional beliefs and values.

Old Soul Sims with this trait have a deep appreciation for the past and often have a fondness for old-fashioned things and traditions.

What else do I need for the mod?


Does this mod require any DLC?

The mod is BGC. The traits do tap into each pack so having them will create a more full experience. Not required though.

Questions and concerns you might have?

If you have one send it here: Trait Requests

I'm experiencing some weird bugs!

Let me know, please. I dealt with a lot of files when creating this mod, so something might not work the way I wanted it to work so please let me know about that so I can fix it.

Report it here: Mod Bug Report

I have different questions about the mod.

Honestly, I don't blame you. I might not have explained everything too well, so let me know if you have questions about something.

How to install the mod?

You can choose to download whichever trait you want from the downloads below OR you can download the zip file "Maplebell More CAS Traits #2" If there are also traits you do not want then you can delete them from the folder.

Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods <--- Unzip the file and make sure it's placed in this path.


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