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How I Create Realistic Pregnancies in the Sims 4?

Pregnancies in the Sims 4 are boring. It’s that simple. They’re boring and don’t have a lot of depth to them. So as a lover of mods I use mods to enhance my pregnancies in the game! Here are the mods I use to make my Sims 4 Pregnancies fun and realistic.

First off this kind should use Seasons. It’s not a necessity but it’ll make sense why you should have Seasons.

The first thing you would need is the MC Command Center. Why? Because with MCCC you can edit the length of the pregnancy from 3 to what would be in-game 9 months. The way I calculate this is by looking at the Seasons. An in-game season is 7 days. There are 4 seasons. So a year would be 28 days. So with math, we can calculate how many in-game days a pregnancy should last.

280 is how long a normal pregnancy should last, if you use proportions an in-game pregnancy should last 21 days.

So if your Sim is pregnant you can go ahead and change the pregnancy to 21 days using MCCC. This might seem crazy for certain people, but I promise it’s super fun to have pregnancy for that long throughout the Seasons. It’s not a drag, it builds great anticipation.

To do this you should get MCCC if you don’t already have it. I will link all of the mods I used down below if you need them.

In your game go to a computer and click on MCCC.

Here are the steps to find the setting and change it. You will need to restart your game for it to take effect so keep that in mind.

The next thing you should have is Little Ms. Sams's Pregnancy Overhaul. This mod reduces the pregnancy belly. What I use this mod for is for the first trimester. When your game tests you are pregnant your Sims belly just become huge. That bugs me a lot. I like the fact that your Sims stomach slowly gets bigger. The mod also allows you to do more while pregnant and with a pregnancy that lasts 21 in-game days which is a lot in the Sims world your pregnant Sim should be able to do a lot.

Little Ms. Sams photo of how the 1st trimester pregnancy stomach looks.

The next mod is Lumpinou’s Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul (aka WoHoo Wellness) mod. This mod brings so much more into the game other than pregnancies and I highly recommend it. Now with this mod, your pregnant sim will have some really fun pregnancy cravings and side effects.

The next mod you should get is Adeepindigo’s Health Care Redux Mod. This mod is amazing and will add many different things for your sims pregnancy. With this mod, you can see the OBGYN and get regular pregnancy check-ups for your Sim.

Finally, for the end of your pregnancy, you should get Panda Sama’s realistic Realistic Childbirth Mod. This mod is amazing in terms of realism. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but I think it makes the experience so much more fun.

Mods you will need:

MC Command Center: (Get MCCC and MC Woohoo)

Lumpinou’s Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul:

Adeepindigo’s Health Care Redux Mod:

Panda Sama’s realistic Realistic Childbirth:

These mods also offer so much more than what I have just mentioned I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to play around with mods. They are part of my top favorite mods in the entire game!

If you get all these mods and follow the instructions you will have a lot of fun with your sims pregnancy I am sure of it!

Try it out and let me know how it goes!


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