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My Sims 4 Packs you must have list:

Seasons: This is a staple, and anyone who does not include this in their must-have list… shall not be trusted. Anyways, Seasons just really adds realism and more gameplay options. There is the new calendar option, and I am telling you, I can remember a time when that was not a thing in the game.

Discover University: Yeah, I don't think I need to explain why this is part of the must-haves. But if you insist, Discover University adds a whole new world to your game Britechester, and there are two universities to apply to. I definitely think buying this pack is one of the options if you have to make a choice.

City Living: San Myshuno is a beautiful city, and the different cultures they incorporated into this make it so much better. Anyways you get apartments, rent, festivals, singing, and keyboards.

Pets, Optional: I know some people do not enjoy playing with pets, so I did not add this to the official list, but if you love pets and love playing with them, this is a must.

Parenthood: This is just one of those packs that I adore. It was such an innovative idea; it blended seamlessly with the whole game for a game pack. This pack is such a must.

Dine out: The new addition this brings to the game is excellent. And you can own a restaurant or simply just go to one. Perfect for dates, formal dinners, or anything else. This pack is so fun to play with, and you never really run out of uses for it. The bugs make it really hard to play. I can't recommend it, though, because I always use it. It'sIt's up to the player to decide how they feel about the simulation lag.

Laundry day: This stuff pack helps with the realism and adds the cutest rustic items to the game.

Movie Hangout: You can finally watch films with this pack and organize movie nights. Sometimes when I am lazy and want all my sims together, I watch a good movie.

This is the official list of must-haves for the DLCs, and I tried to keep it as short as possible. Also, I will not make a total tally for it because I am scared. Either way, these are the packs you should download.

Now I will rank the remaining packs if you have any of these and want to buy a new one.

Expansion packs:

Get Together: I am slightly biased about GT just because of Windenburg. Windenburg is my favorite world in all of the Sims 4 and brings so many new things to the Sims game that I could not play without.

Get to Work: When GW came out, it was very new and surprising because we never had something like that. Yeah, we did have professions, but it's a bit different. I think this pack is underrated because it was the first one to come out. Do not be fooled by that; it's a good pack.

Get Famous: Not really much to say here except that it was a good pack, and I enjoyed it. Replay value is not really there, but you get a lot of new lovely items for rich sims gameplay. Also, Del Sol Valley is so small, which frustrates me so much. We get three lots for the rich and three for the poor. Like no, just no. But it's not the worst.

Snowy Escape or Island Living: I love Snowy Escape, but Island Living and Snowy Escape are the opposite. So depending on which kind of theme you are looking for, they could work.

Eco Lifestyle: This pack was overrated because it brought something to the game, but I never play it. I just don't. I played it once and got so tired of it. All the expansions mentioned above are packs I am used to and cannot play without now, and I cannot say that about this one. It just did not work, and I don't know why. If you think you might like it, don't take my word for it. Watch reviews and look at Carls Sims 4 Guide. Great, build and buy items, though.

Let's keep these following parts brief.

Game Packs:

Spa Day: I love it and use it all the time.

Outdoor Retreat: I also love this pack for family getaways.

Realm of Magic and Vampires: I would have ranked this higher because I literally love supernatural, but other packs can enhance your gameplay before moving on to these. It is a must-have, though, if you love the supernatural.

Jungle Adventure: I liked it at first, but then I got underwhelmed by the cave exploration, so I'm placing it here.

Strangerville: The Strangerville mystery… not for me, and that is why it is down here, but I love the town so much. It is my second favorite.

Star Wars: Is there an explanation needed? Sorry Star Wars fans, let me explain, though. As someone who loves storytelling and gameplay with story progression, I was so excited for this and went on playing this pack with an open mind… little did I know. I hated how we could not even see our home or ""place of residence in battu."" Also, the way the story ended was just the cherry on top. I hated it. It was so underwhelming; that is all I have to say. If you love star wars, don't buy this game. Look for the other thousands of available star wars type games.

Stuff Packs:

Vintage Glamour: We got butlers, yay! I love butlers.

Kids Room: I like the puppet thingy.

Nifty Knitting: It's an adorable pack.

Paranormal: Nice addition to the game.

Moschino: The whole photography element is everything to me.

Backyard: Slip and Slide!

Tiny Living: It is nice to see a smaller house.

There are other stuff packs, but this covers it. In my opinion, the other ones are just hard to tell apart.

That'sThat's it for my must-have packs list. You should give LGR reviews a watch to see pack reviews in action for your final say because everyone has their own opinions. Now go play sims!


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